cel mai mare magazin online de produse din piatra

How do I place an order?

You can order online, on piatrata.ro, as well as by phone: +40 312 296 230 or by e-mail: info@artgranit.ro

If you have difficulty with the ordering process, try another web browser: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The product you want to order can be found using the search field or directly from the product page. When you access the "ADD TO CART" button, the product will be automatically transferred to the shopping cart at the top right of the product page.

After adding to the cart all the products you want to order, the purchase process continues by accessing the button on the top right "My basket", where you can check all the products added to the cart and the desired quantity. Here you will find the "REGISTER ORDER" button. Access this button to be transferred to a new page.

The last step! Filling in the form with the invoicing data and the payment method.

After filling in the form and accessing the "SEND ORDER" button, you will be called as soon as possible by a counselor from the Call Center department.

How do I order by phone?

Calling the call center department +40 312 296 230, and a sales agent will take your order by phone.

How do I order by email?
We are waiting for your order on the email address: info@artgranit.ro
The mail order must be in the following format:
Email subject: the words "New order" followed by your name.

Required email content:

1. Name of the ordered product and number of pieces / sqm
2. Your name and surname. If you want the invoice for the company, please write the name of the company together with the name of the delegate and the data from the Identity Card.
3. CNP
4. Telephone
5. Payment method (cash on delivery, payment order or bank card payment.)
6. Locality/County
7. Delivery address
8. Observations

How do I order in the store?
As soon as you get here, a counselor will assist you during the period in which you decide on the desired product. At the same time, from the reception you can get a shopping list, so that you can write down the products you want on it. In the store you can place the order and you can pay on the spot according to our terms and conditions, you can also pay later by payment order or online with the card.