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How the products are delivered?

Delivery methods:

In the case of products in stock, the delivery at national level is 1-3 working days, from the moment of registration of the payment in the system.

European deliveries (EU / Non EU): For products in stock, delivery time is 2-5 days, depending on location. In the case of products that are not in stock and are brought to order, the delivery time is announced at the time of taking the order.

Deliveries outside Europe transport by sea (containerized): In the case of products in stock the delivery time of 10-45 days depending on the country of destination, in the case of customized or out-of-stock products, the delivery time is announced when taking the order.
In the case of products that are not in stock or special parts, the delivery terms differ.
Once we have agreed on a delivery time, we do everything in our power to comply with our contract. Sometimes, there are exceptional situations, which we cannot control (political crises affecting international transport and therefore, the relationship with our suppliers, situations due to the partner carriers' program, which we cannot predict, extreme situations due to weather conditions, difficult access to address etc.). In these cases we will quickly notify you of any delays.

IMPORTANT! If you want to know the status of the order, the one who can give you the information quickly is the PIATRATA consultant you worked with. You can also find this information from the logistics department, but only after you have been notified of the departure of the order to you. An efficient way to work is to send the invoice number by e-mail, so that the PIATRATA representative can find the order in the system and communicate its status back to you.
All deliveries are made by authorized carriers, PIATRATA partners.

Deliveries on the territory of the Romania and Europe are made both with its own fleet and with PIATRATA partner cars, which can ensure delivery in perfect condition.