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Which is the best option for the kitchen countertop? How do I make the order?

The countertop is one of the main elements of the kitchen furniture. This changes radically the appearance of the room, it assumes the role of a „support shoulder” at cooking, is in constant contact with water and cleaning products.  

How do I choose a kitchen countertop? 

Various kitchen appliances,  hotplates and devices may be installed on the countertop, and the sink and under it, therefore this must be chosen correctly, taking into account the design decisions, the intended intensity of use and number of embedded elements. 

In present time, one of the most relevant materials used in the manufacturing of kitchen countertops is quarts. The quarts countertops are impermeable, comfortable, functional, resistant,  durable, have an ideal appearance and match harmoniously with any interior design.  

How do I order a quarts countertop and what I should know? 

  1. Decide where to install the countertop, what workspace is planned and if it will require a till and a table made of the same material.  
  2. Select a manufacturing company. It is important that the company is an official representative, otherwise, there is a high chance that you will not get an authentic, but a counterfeit product.    
  3. Order a preliminary calculation of the total cost of the product via the order template or by calling the phone number displayed. Based on the provided information, the manager will make a calculation and forms the price of the end product. 
  4. Make the final decision and ask the measurement specialist to make the visit to your place.  
  5. Coordinate the design with the measurement specialist, discuss the details, tell what devised do you plan to mount and their dimensions, what type of sinks you have chosen. This way you complete the order. 
  6. Clarify the final price calculated by the manager and confirm the order. 

Note: After the measurements, do not change the location of the closets, you must keep them in place. Only in this case the countertop will fit perfectly the planned mounting place, without any distortions and gaps.