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Quartz in your kitchen - choose it and enjoy!

What do you know about quartz? Designers consider that quarts stone is one of the most prestigious material used for fitting-out of premises. Thus,  the quarts  countertop becomes a star in many kitchens and is the perfect candidate for various stylistic approaches – from the classical to the modern or loft.  


And yes, it is a product that inspires trust. The composition of the quarts stone guarantees a high quality of the end product: approximatively 93% of the product is the natural crushed quarts, a little less than 7% is acrylic resin and only 1% are pigments that determine the color palette. 

Quartz is one of the heaviest materials found in nature. The high percentage of quarts particles in the composition of the quarts composite confer the product its resistance and durability. Let’s not forget the other two properties of quarts –  it is a non-combustible and non-toxic material.  

The quarts stone has all the important qualities of the natural quarts. You should not be afraid to leave a coffee or wine stain on it, you will easily remove it because the quarts countertop does not absorb any moisture, thanks to its non-porous structure. Moreover, it does not react with any food acids and cleaning  products. You can forget of dirt and microbes. Grease will never enter into the countertop’s structure, and the dirt may be easily cleaned with a washcloth, warm water and soap. 

One of the valuable characteristics of the quarts countertops is its practicality and resistance to mechanical tear and wear and scratches.  The quarts surfaces are not susceptible to short-term high temperatures. Do not change their form and do not lose their color due to differences in temperatures.  

The rich color palette will please anyone.  It will not be difficult to choose the color which will match perfectly with the overall concept of the interior. Specifically, the color palette of the Technistone quarts stone is represented by collections which inspire the creation of a new and unique appearance of the room.  

One of the newest trends in the interior kitchen design is the quarts sink embedded into the kitchen countertop. But this is not just a fashion element, but also one that is highly practical!  The sink’s surface is easily cleaned.  

When you decide to order a quarts countertop,  pay attention to the experience and equipment of the company which will carry out the order. The processing of the quarts countertops requires highly expensive special equipment and a high degree of professional qualification.  

Having a table made of quarts, you will not need to worry about its appearance and surface. It will always look as new.