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How to effectively remove stains from a quartz countertop?

The quarts countertop has a non-porous structure. Thanks to this fact,  the grease practically does not stick to its surface, while liquids, including colored, are easily removed, especially if cleaned without delay. If the stain remains on the countertops’ surface for a long time, dries up and requires special removal with special means. 

To keep the countertop always nice and clean, you must follow a number of simple recommendations:

  1. Clean weekly the surface with a soft sponge and liquid detergent, even if it is completely cleaned at first glance. Don’t forget that no powder and abrasives need to be utilized, more so brushes with iron hairs. These can deteriorate the luster, may create micro-cracks where dirt can accumulate. After washing, clean the countertop with a dry washcloth. 
  2. Each month, apply on the clean surface  beforehand, in circular movements, a special lacquer for countertops made of artificial stone. Then use a dry washcloth along the entire surface of the countertop until it becomes to shine. 

With these simple steps, the quarts countertop will look as new. 

Sometimes, the working surfaces may get hard to remove stains, which a simple detergent cannot remove. This is how you should act, in this case:

  • Scrape  carefully with wooden or silicon spoon the hardened grease and food stains, then wash the surface with water and soap.
  • Moisturize old greenery stains with a grease remover or ethylic alcohol. The easiest way is to soak a piece of cotton gauze or a cloth in alcohol and leave it on the stain for a couple of minutes. Then wash and polish the surface. 
  • Old juice, wine, ketchup or ink are successfully cleaned with household cleaning products such as CIF.

Try to clean immediately the stains from the quarts countertop, this fact will prevent the stains to penetrate into its structure.  

With timely and competent care, the quarts countertop will remain in excellent shape for many years and no special efforts will need to be taken for its maintenance.