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Home is where memories bake.

It is the place where smells and tastes are born that, throughout life, keep us closer to our loved ones, and bring us back to ourselves.

Mother's kitchen is a magical place, where you learn at the intersection of a wide range of taste, smell, color, texture, self-sacrifice and lots of love. Where dough is kneaded on the counter, where the tastiest dishes are cooked, and where the whole family gathers. Precisely for this reason, when designing a kitchen, it is very important to take into account some aspects related to ergonomics, functionality and maintenance.

Regarding ergonomics, we urge you to follow the golden rule in kitchen design, called the rule of 3, or the rule of the triangle. This refers to the strategic location in space of three main elements of the kitchen: the hob, the refrigerator, the sink.

The rule is that the three main areas of the kitchen - wet (sink, dishwasher), hot (stove) and cold (refrigerator) - are one tip of the work triangle.

And the countertop is important to replace the safety properties of wet and hot areas, so that it is hydrophobic, with a non-porous surface, which does not absorb, and fireproof at the same time, resistant to thermal shocks, and no less important to mechanical ones. . Composite stone (quartz) or sintered stone (ceramics) are the best choice for countertop, edgeband and island.

Returning to ergonomics, in the perfect version, the sum of the length of the sides between these points should be between 4 and 8 meters. At the same time, in order to guarantee efficient traffic in the kitchen, each side of the triangle must not be shorter than 1.2 meters nor longer than 2.7 meters.

According to interior design specialists, these dimensions guarantee convenience and significantly simplify the food preparation process.

In terms of functionality, the rule of 3 can have various configurations depending on the shape and length of the sides, as well as the location of the furniture in the kitchen.

Angular arrangements, in the shape of the letter „L” allows us to most easily apply the rule of triangle. Each of the elements that constitute triangle vertices can be placed evenly in space.

L-shaped kitchen: Noble Ivory White Antique quartz countertop and island

U-shaped with three-sided gaskets, and in the case of an island kitchen, landscaping: cold, warm and wet can be strategically divided so as to provide enough space to access each of them at the same time.

U-shaped kitchen: Pietra Grey ceramic countertop

Arrangements on two parallel sides applying the triangle rule is not difficult at all. In this context, one of the vertices of the triangle is on one side of the gasket, and the other two are arranged on the opposite side.

Kitchen with two parallel sides: Taurus Terazzo Dark quartz countertop and island, Black Cosmic granite edgeband

Linear kitchen, whose gasket is arranged on a single wall, makes it impossible to apply this rule. The only option through which we could ergonomically and functionally model the space is the total division of the area. Thus, we can opt for the location of the hot and humid area at opposite ends of the furniture, placing the refrigerator on the opposite wall (if there is enough space).

Linear kitchen: Noble Athos Brown quartz countertop

Other rules to remember when designing a kitchen

  • Washbasin it must be framed on both sides by portions of the worktop measuring not less than 61 cm on one side and not less than 47 cm on the other. Ideally, a portion of the worktop of at least 90 cm should be projected in the immediate vicinity of the sink, useful for the preparation of products in order to prepare food.
  • And the hob must be bordered by portions of 30-38 cm on both sides.
  • Tall bodies furniture (those in which the oven or refrigerator-freezer is integrated or those with a pantry function) must be positioned at the ends of the kitchen set and not in the middle of it.

When we have the final sketch, and the project created so as to assume maximum comfort, it is time to think about kitchen surfaces, such as countertop, apron, island, table, because they are responsible for how much pleasure the cooking process will bring you and how much time you will invest in maintenance and cleaning.

And we are here to recommend the right stone for your place where you are going to bake memories.