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Find out what are the advantages of each type of stone!

When building a new house, many questions arise regarding the material used.  You should definitely consider using natural and composite stone in your home. There are many benefits that come with using stone as opposed to using other types of materials. Depending on your personality and preferences, there are several types of stone, each with their own advantages, and in this article we will list the types of stone and what advantages they bring to your home. 



  1. Antibacterial surface
  2. Acid resistant
  3. Scratch resistant
  4. Temperature resistant
  5. Stain resistant
  6. Easy to maintain
  7. Shade stability
  8. Variety of colours
  9. Moisture resistant
  10. Hydrophobic

It is a suitable material for interior work!



Ceramics are generally made by mixing clay, earth elements, powders and water and shaping them into desired forms. Once the pottery has been shaped, it is fired in a high-temperature kiln, known as a kiln. Often the pottery is coated with decorative, waterproof, paint-like substances known as glaze.


  1. Various textures
  2. Shade stability
  3. Variety of colours
  4. Size stability
  5. XXL plates
  6. UV resistance
  7. Moisture resistant
  8. Hydrophobic
  9. Scratch resistant
  10. Resistant to mechanical shock
  11. Temperature resistant
  12. Easy to maintain

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use!



  1. Environmentally friendly product 
  2. Maximum hardness 
  3. UV resistance 
  4. Various sizes 
  5. Freeze/thaw resistant
  6. Various thicknesses 
  7. Abrasion resistant 
  8. Resistant to environmental aggression
  9. Scratch resistant 
  10. Stain resistant
  11. Easy to maintain 
  12. Resistant to wear and mechanical impact

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use!



  1. Unique unique print
  2. Environmentally friendly product
  3. Maximum hardness
  4. Breathable material
  5. Moisture resistant
  6. Anti-mildew properties
  7. UV resistance
  8. Airy appearance
  9. Colour stability
  10. Resistant to wear and mechanical impact
  11. Resistant to environmental aggression
  12. Easy to maintain

It is suitable for interiors, but also for exterior work such as: windowsills and stairs. 



  1. Anti-slip surface
  2. Resistant to environmental aggression
  3. Breathable material
  4. Moisture resistant
  5. Rustic appearance
  6. Colour stability
  7. Resistant to wear and mechanical impact
  8. Scratch resistant
  9. Environmentally friendly and hygienic product
  10. Diversity of shades and sizes
  11. UV resistance
  12. Easy care

It is widely used for exterior but also interior work in terms of: glazing, flooring and decorative walls.



  1. The only translucent stone
  2. Luxurious visual appearance
  3. Unique prints
  4. Spectacular design
  5. Wear-resistant
  6. Easy to maintain
  7. Moisture resistant
  8. Environmentally friendly and hygienic product
  9. Airy appearance
  10. Colour stability
  11. UV resistance
  12. Various sizes

It is a material used in interiors, specifically for: wall cladding and other decorative elements.